Prayetic: Learning to Pray

Prayetic – an invitation to discover daily joy. We offer The Divine Hours in audio and written formats, daily meditations, and an inspirational image each day to foster your spiritual journey. Uncover the joy hidden in each day with us.

Prayetic: Learning to Pray - a prayer meditation tool for the modern age.

Striving for a consistent prayer and meditation routine while juggling a busy life and work commitments is a challenge I faced. As a pastor, I recognized that I wasn't alone in this struggle. Many seek a daily connection with the divine, an endeavor which sparked an idea. What if I combined the concept of fixed-hour prayer with a daily meditation practice, tailored to suit the on-the-go lifestyle with accessible daily audio content. This idea set wheels in motion for Prayetica prayer meditation tool for the modern age.

Our unique platform provides an audio and written version of the Divine Hours, allowing you to engage with the prayers in a way that best suits your preferences. This multi-format approach caters to the modern, busy lifestyle, ensuring you can maintain your spiritual practice whether you're at home, on a commute, or taking a break at work.

I believe life is an adventure, or rather, a mission. Every day, we're presented with the task of discovering the joy buried within our routines, interactions, and even challenges. It's a concept that has fueled my journey and inspired Prayetic. We aim to make this 'joy discovery' easier by providing a tool that connects you with divine inspiration, daily.

Prayetic isn't merely another web-based application; it's a little larger than that if you will, it's a mission. With Prayetic, you are invited to  join us in this quest to discover daily joy, fostering a spiritual life that bookends each day with prayer and reflection, and spends the hours in-between pursuing hidden joy buried in the fields of our lives.

Recognizing the diversity in how we connect and learn, our platform offers audio and written versions of The Divine Hours. The daily meditation is also available in both formats, and serves as a contemplative counterpart to the prayer guide, bolstering your spiritual journey, and establishing a daily touchpoint. Yet, words alone aren't the only pathway to divine connection. For those of us who are visually inclined, who perceive the world and its many truths not only through sounds and text, but also through vivid imagery, so we've incorporated a special feature. Each day on Prayetic, you'll find a unique, inspirational image designed to resonate with your spirit. It's more than just a picture; it's a visual conversation with the divine, an opportunity for reflection, a spark that can ignite joy and motivation. This daily image serves as a silent yet powerful beacon, encouraging visual learners to explore their spirituality and discover their unique connection with the divine.

I want Prayetic to be affordable and accessible, so we offer several subscription plans: $5 per month, $10 per year, or $20 for a lifetime subscription. We also provide a free seven-day trial, offering a glimpse into the transformative experiences that await.

Join us on Prayetic today, and let's embark on this divine adventure together, making each day a mission to uncover the joy hidden in our everyday.